FAQ's Bio Straightening

1. How long does it take to get it done?

   3-4 hours, will depend on hair type and formula used.

2. Does Bio Hair Straightening help with the growth of the hair?

   Yes, Biotin and other amino-acids will make hair grow 4-5 cms in 3 months.

3. Can Bio Hair Straightening be applied on kids?

   Yes, from the age of 6yrs old.

4. Is it safe for Pregnant women?

   Yes, ask for the Plant based Formulas.

5. How many days do I have to wait to wash my hair?

   None, wash your hair the same day if you want.

6. Do I need to use a special Shampoo?

  We strongly recommend any Hair Care with Tahitian Monoi Oil so every time you wash your hair will progressive straight the hair, any other normal hair care will remove the treatment every time you wash it

7. Can I still curl my hair after Bio Hair Straightening treatment?

  Yes you can and will perfectly hold the curls.

8. Can I go to the beach/pool after Bio Hair Straightening treatment?

  Yes, we recommend to wait 10 days before swimming, after that we suggest to apply our Leave in Treatment on your hair before swimming to create a barrier and protect your hair from directly absorbing chloride and salt.

 9. What’s the difference between Keratin and Bio Hair Straightening treatment?

  Bio Hair Straightening is the improved version of keratin, keratin was created 19 yrs ago and Bio Hair Straightening only 3 years ago with all the technology and improvements - Bio Hair Straightening is absorbed into the hair cuticle, keratin sits on the top of the cuticle - With Bio Hair Straightening you can tie your hair up immediately - With Bio Hair Straightening you can wash your hair straight away, keratin you need to wait 3 days - Keratin is one product to all hair types, Bio Hair Straightening comes in 6 formulas so the treatment will be personalised according to your hair type and desire result.

10. Any suggested aftercare?

  Bio Hair Straightening treatment is Thermo-Active = gets activated with the blow dryer heat for only 1-3 minutes. This will make your hair smoother, shinier and also prolong the life of the treatment.

11. How long does it last?

  3-6 months or as your hair grows out

12. Colouring/Bleaching before or after the straightening?

We recommend to get Bio straightening done first  and then after 1-2 washes do your colour

 Bleaching BEFORE straightening: we recommend to wait 2-3 weeks. We need you to have a bit of time to see the amazing results of Bio Straightening

Bleaching AFTER straightening: wait 3-4 weeks so you let the straightening treatment set properly into the hair