FAQ's Hair Extensions

1. What type of Hair Extensions do we offer?


 * Mini-Bond Extensions: method involves connecting extensions to the hair with Protein Bonds. what is Protein bond? it is the same protein that your hair is made of but in form of a paste. Each hair extension  is individually attached to the hair by using melting machine with  same temperature as straighteners.

  • Each strand  will be installed following the natural hair growth pattern of the hair with a 360 degree rotation for more comfortability 
  • The only real grow out method, clients can get 3-6 months of wear with  zero Maintenance and the hair is REUSABLE!!
  • Size of the bonds can be customised for a light weight and discrete wear

 * Custom orders: are also available for Tapes, Nano beads and weft in 22 to 30 inches (consultation is essential and hair will take 3-4 weeks to arrive)

    2. Who are Extensions good for?

    Hair extensions can full transform your entire look and help you feel more confident than ever. If you are interested in experimenting with your look, hair extensions can:

    Add length: if you have difficulty growing your hair out, hair extensions can add instant length to your hair, so you don’t have to wait months or years for your hair to grow long.

    Change your colour: Highlights and lowlights are an amazing way to add colour and dimension to your hair. If you are only looking for a chemical free change or just don’t want to damage your natural hair with bleach, adding hair extensions in different shades give you the chance to experiment with colour without worry.

    Volumize thinning hair: adding extensions that match your natural length can add dramatic volume to your hair and enhance any hairstyle.




    3. Can I Swim Whilst Wearing Hair Extensions?

     The hair should always be tied in a loose plait or simply left out when swimming. It is important to not wear the hair in a bun when hair is getting wet as this makes it very prone to tangling. After swimming you should always rinse the hair as soon as possible.

    4. Can The Extensions Be Coloured And Can I Still Colour My Hair Whilst Wearing Hair Extensions?

    Hair extensions can be coloured with Semi or Demi colour. You can purple mask the extensions. Scalp bleach can be done on clients  with Bonds and should ensure their stylist is experienced with performing this service.

    5. Can hair extensions damage my hair?

    No when properly applied, maintained, and removed by trained professional. Bonds can last up to 6 months if you brush your hair regularly from roots to ends, never go to sleep with wet hair, and tie your hair in a loose ponytail or braid before bed.

    6. Can I get Bio Straightening + hair extensions at the same appointment?

    Yes! you can

    7. Do you have all hair extensions in stock?

    We stock 28 colours in MiniBond